Open Your Heart

 A Tarot Coach Experience 

Open Your Heart Tarot Coaching is an immersive, interactive Tarot Coaching experience. You and I work together with the Tarot cards, a little magic, and deep discovery so that you can bring peace joy, and love into your every day.

The Tarot Coach Experience

When you choose Tarot Coaching with me, we will work together in either one-week, two-week or four-week time frame. During our time together, we will clarify your intention so that you are working towards what you REALLY want. Each week, we will meet for one hour on Zoom to work with the cards and your intention. You will have an opportunity to check in mid-week through e-mail or chat to see how you are working with the action steps and formulate any new actions that you want or need to take to realize your intention.


To discover the value of Tarot Coaching.

* One week
* One 1-hour Zoom call
* One e-mail check-in
* Bonus PDF guide


To take daily action to live your intention in the world.

* Two weeks
* Two 1-hour Zoom calls
* Two e-mail check-ins
* Bonus crystal gift


Immerse yourself in deep healing and energy work

* Four weeks
* Four 1-hour Zoom calls
* Four e-mail check-ins
* Bonus crystal + oracle card gift

Benefits of Tarot Coaching

  • Be happier each day through open-hearted practices

  • Bring joy into your life with everyday magic

  • Realize new-found abundance

  • See noticeable changes in all areas of living

  • Open your heart through empowering action steps and real-time support